SMART Mobility

What is SMART Mobility?

In simple terms, smart mobility means using emerging technologies to improve the mobility of people and goods. It’s the use of new technologies to move things from point A to point B in the safest, most convenient and most cost-effective way. Smart mobility encompasses everything from car-sharing programs, on-demand ride services and better access to public transportation to drones, autonomous and connected vehicles, and a transportation infrastructure that’s connected, automated and intelligent.

Follow the journey of a man that takes full advantage of his city’s connected mobility infrastructure. This increased connectivity makes his commute more efficient, more reliable and safer. Video courtesy of our partner, SmartColumbus. Download it for your classroom here.

Kickoff resources

At our kickoff, the presenters shared several resources you could use in your classroom.

Roundtable Organizations

We brought in experts from different mobility organizations and to give educators the chance to network and get questions answered. The roundtable included these experts on Smart Mobility:

Introductory materials

Before you begin using the resources below, be sure to download this packet of helpful guides and templates along with two introductory videos from one of our partners, Smart Columbus.


How can you make transportation safer in your community?


How do we make improvements to the way people and goods move around your community?  This could be an opportunity to invent a new mode of transportation, improve on an existing system, or combine transportation modes to increase efficiency.


How do we make sure that all people have access to transportation, regardless of economic, geographic or physical limitations?


How can we better predict travel times, road conditions, or make the best use of infrastructure and resources?


How do we train people to use emerging technologies related to transportation?