Virtual Student Solutions Showcase

Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel the regular Student Showcase at Battelle. However, we still want to hear from your students. Students from the Kinder Garden School and Bio-Med Science Academy share their solutions in the videos below. Keep reading to see how your school can participate.

How to join the virtual showcase

  1. Students complete their design solution and prototype. Students can work in teams if remote communication works or individually. We are happy to share presentations from more than one group per school.
  2. Students create and gather their presentation materials. This can be a classic presentation with a poster and live prototype demonstration or a PowerPoint slide presentation with pictures of the prototype model. If your students’ prototypes are kept at the school building, educators might need to send pictures to their students.
  3. Students record themselves or have others record them making the presentation. A live presentation or recording a voice over with a recording of slides both are acceptable.
  4. Students email you a copy of their presentation to their teacher for approval. Educators will also need to collect permission forms found here from your students’ parents so that we may share their presentations on the design challenge website.
  5. Email a shared link with approved presentations to OSLN ( Please upload the presentations to a file sharing services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Then, email We’ll download the presentation and post the videos to our YouTube channel and design challenge website. Please reach out if you have questions. One effective strategy: Create a Powerpoint presentation and insert each student video into a separate slide. Then, upload that presentation file and email the link to it to OSLN.

Participating schools

In addition to the submission from the Kinder Garden School above, the following schools submitted student materials:

Lancaster High School: Students created presentations covering exhaust caps, transportation pollution, school bus transportation, pothole repair, college campus pedestrian safety. View the presentations here.

Thomas Elementary: Students created presentations covering bikes, MagLev trains, and the benefits of public transportation. View the presentations here.

Thank you to all the students and teachers that continued innovating strategies to tackle mobility issues in their communities throughout these difficult times.


  • April 2020: Online Student Solution Showcase presentations – OSLN would like to showcase your student’s excellent work in this year’s design challenge through video presentation submissions. This program will continue throughout the year, so there is no deadline for you to make a submission.
  • August 6th, 2020: Presenting at the Ohio State Fair – This is a rotating presentation opportunity for students to present at the state fair. Please share your interest in participating in the #STEMdrivesOhio 2020 Opportunities Interest Form and place a hold on your calendar if you are interested in attending. Additional information will be distributed to schools that sign up.
  • September 2020: Student Solution Showcase at the 2021 Design Challenge Kickoff Event – To introduce interested educators to the format of a Student Solutions Showcase, OSLN would like to host groups of students to present their #STEMdrivesOhio solutions.  Please share your interest in participating in the #STEMdrivesOhio 2020 Opportunities Interest Form. Additional information will be distributed as it is determined to those who expressed interest.

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