What are Infrastructure and Design?

Infrastructure and design are part of so much of today’s world. From the roads we travel to the buildings we gather inside everything has been strategically designed to benefit our lives. But the way we interact with built infrastructure, products, and systems is changing. Under the influence of challenges like climate change, new technologies, and new goals, these elements of our world will surely look very different.

For this year’s challenge, the Ohio STEM Learning Network asks students to think about the structures and systems around them and envision how they can be altered to improve equity and inclusion.

Below, we’ve outlined resources on each of the three topics for this year’s challenge. Spot something we’re missing? Please share suggestions for additional resources using the simple form below. Then, we’ll share your finds with other educators across Ohio.

Download a copy of this graphic here.

Introductory materials

Built infrastructure:

How can you repurpose an existing physical structure in your home, school, or county to ensure equitable access, or improve the overall efficiency of that space?

Product design

What changes can you make to an existing system to improve equity, efficiency, or access for people in your school or county?

System design:

What changes can you make to an existing product so that it is more equitable, accessible, or eco-friendly?

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