What is Energy?

Energy is everywhere! Everything in the universe is either matter or energy. We experience energy in many different ways. Energy is light. Energy is heat. Energy makes things grow and move. Energy runs machines.

We use many different sources of energy to do work for us. These sources of energy are very different, from coal power plants to solar panel roofs. The #STEMpowersOhio Design & Entrepreneurship Challenge asks students to think about the production and consumption of energy. We want to know, what can you create to improve how energy is made or used in your community!

web of energy topics

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Introductory materials

The Ohio Energy Project and the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program are two of our partners this year. These organizations inspire students to choose energy careers, consider innovation in energy challenges and provide energy education for Ohio’s students and teachers.

Energy Generation and Distribution:

How can different forms of energy generation and distribution improve the wellbeing of your family and community?

Energy Efficiency and Pollution Prevention:

How can you change your energy consumption to be more renewable and prevent energy-related pollution?


What can you do to better understand and change energy policy within your community?


How can you use technological innovation to make your home easier to live in, safer, more environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient? How will you share your innovation with your community? 

Vehicle Electrification

On November 19, Rich Granger from Drive Ohio hosted a webinar for participants in the #STEMpowersOhio Design & Entrepreneurship Challenge. You can watch the recording of the webinar here. Slides from the presentation are here. Below are several of the resources shared during that event.